“Why have you chosen this venue?” Fans fume over ICC

“Why have you chosen this venue?” Fans fume over ICC “Why have you chosen this venue?” Fans fume over ICC

The ICC is holding the World Test Championship with the intention of increasing the craze for traditional cricket. For nearly two years, Test-playing countries have competed with the goal of winning the championship. India and New Zealand reached the final with their best performances.

While fans were eagerly waiting for the title fight, the rain ruined their hopes. The two-day game got cancelled. Now there seems to be no possibility of a result. The former cricket players and fans are quite vocal in expressing their displeasure towards ICC. Even though ICC knows it will rain then why was the final organised at this venue was the general cry. 

The ICC pretty well knows the rainy season is approaching! The rain Gods have beaten the two-year wait of cricket lovers. The thrilling moments that have always been awaited have been watered down, primarily because of the ICC. The rain has turned the five-day match into a one-day international.

The match will also be held on 23rd, reserve day as the first day of the match was not played due to rain. The full match was cancelled due to rain on the first day, while only 64.4 overs were played on the second day. On Sunday, the third day, the two teams played only 76.3 overs together.

The ICC decided to continue the match on reserve day six as the fourth day was completely wiped out. In this context, the final match ticket prices have also been reduced. While there are only two days of play left with reserve day, there is no possibility of a result. India were bowled out for 217 in the first innings. New Zealand have now lost 2 wickets and scored 101 runs. Both the teams will be declared winners if the result is not in the match.

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