Raina gives an unexpected shock. Dhoni becomes serious.

Raina gives an unexpected shock.  Dhoni becomes serious. Raina gives an unexpected shock. Dhoni becomes serious.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Suresh Raina have a special connection in Indian cricket. Dhoni has been a staunch supporter of Raina right from the beginning of Raina’s career. Moreover, the cricketing community has dubbed the intimacy between the two as that of the brothers, Rama and Lakshman, of the Hindu mythology. Suresh Raina recollects the memories of his association with Dhoni. When he was the captain of Gujarat Lions, he recalled a couple of interesting incidents where he asked Dhoni to get him a cool drink. In Ireland he made Dhoni carry the kit bag. 

We all know that the Chennai Super Kings franchise has been banned due to fixing allegations in the IPL 2016 season. After this event, Dhoni captained the Rising Pune team and Suresh Raina captained the Gujarat Lions. Raina said that he had a funny experience when he played against the Pune team. While Ashwin was bowling in a match between the two teams in Rajkot, I was on strike and Dhoni was the wicket-keeper. At that time, when I went to the crease, Dhoni said “Welcome Captain Saab”, and I instantly replied “I am coming, please make way for me.” There’s a great affinity with each other he reiterated.

Raina also recalled another incident that took place in Ireland in 2018. Dhoni, who was the 12th player in the match, brought cool drinks. Raina said that whenever he had called for gloves or bats, Dhoni carried the whole of the kit bag. “Take what you want now and don't call again. It’s cold out here.” 

To have a bit more fun, I asked him to bring my hand grip and Dhoni responded “Drink water first, I’ll bring it.” He replied seriously.  Raina disclosed that he enjoyed Mahi Bhai's anger!