Kohli quitting captaincy, is this true?

Kohli quitting captaincy, is this true? Kohli quitting captaincy, is this true?

Team India captain Virat Kohli is no doubt the backbone of the team. If he is not making runs, why will fans call him a run machine. Kohli responds aggressively not only with the bat but also verbally if he is verbally attacked by the opposing bowlers. Kohli, who entertains fans with such an aggressive personality, said goodbye to the T20 captaincy as he was stepping down from it. There is a big debate going on right now on the reasons behind Kohli’s departure.

If there is any fitness player close to perfection in world cricket, it is Kohli. Some are surprised that such a player is leaving captaincy.  In fact, Virat Kohli loves traditional cricket. Not to mention specifically to the fans about the preference he gives to the long format. The skill of any cricketer is measured by the test format. After that, ODIs, T20s and others. In this case, Kohli also gives priority to the Tests. Many former cricketers have described Kohli as a brand ambassador for Tests. Another reason is that he wanted to focus more on the long format. The former has been criticized for making arbitrary decisions in most cases. Criticisms have been leveled at the frequent change of players when wickets are needed, such as not utilizing key bowlers. He has been playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore for 13 seasons in the IPL. Every time the league started, he had comparisons with Rohit. Kohli says all these are reasons to leave the captaincy post.

Meanwhile, the split captaincy formula also seems to be a factor in Kohli's decision. The BCCI was once a staunch opponent of the split captaincy. This is one of the reasons why Kohli is making the decision, given the success of the two-captain policy around the world and the results. England have similarly won the ICC ODI World Cup and became the strongest team in limited overs cricket. Australia has also done wonders in the past. Teams like the West Indies and South Africa are following suit. Many are of the opinion that this will serve to make future captains. Kohli also has a good record in the Twenty20s. As captain, Kohli has won six series. Under Kohli, India won the Twenty20 series against major teams such as England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

However, Kohli was not successful as captain in the ICC major tournaments. Analysts say this is the main reason. With this, fans are looking forward to him in ending the Twenty20 captaincy career on a grand finale by winning the World Cup, which is to be held in the UAE next month.

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