IPL 2022: Jadeja taking advices from MS Dhoni for captainy

IPL 2022: Jadeja taking advices from MS Dhoni for captainy IPL 2022: Jadeja taking advices from MS Dhoni for captainy

Ravindra Jadeja, the new captain of Chennai Super Kings, praised MS Dhoni for the vital counsel he has imparted in the dressing room and on the field. Jadeja is new to the leadership role, having last captained the team when he was an U19 player, and he has struggled in the role thus far in the first three games. However, with Dhoni around, Jadeja was pleased to receive advice from him and relied on the veteran's knowledge.

Dhoni has been a key member of the franchise since the IPL began in 2008, and he has led the team to four IPL titles, making them the tournament's second most successful team. Dhoni's expertise will always come into play, even if he stepped down as captain before of the start of the IPL this year.

It showed in the manner skipper Jadeja walked to the boundary in the game against LSG, knowing that Dhoni would take care of the field setup and bowling instructions.

Ravindra Jadeja stated that he was fielding at the deep mid-wicket region due to the high-scoring nature of the match, and that a competent fielder would be necessary on the boundary lines. He praised Dhoni's presence on the field for advise and said CSK were fortunate to have him in the team.

“No, the last match (against LSG) was a high-scoring game so there are chances of catches at deep mid-wicket and our thinking was that it would be better a good fielder had to be there. So, I was not able to communicate with the bowlers much. But Mahi Bhai gives inputs, that is good, he is so experienced so we don’t have to look anywhere else for advice.

“He’s a legend and has been captaining for so many years, that experience is there in our dressing room only so we are lucky to have his advice,” Jadeja said during the post-match press conference. The newly minted CSK skipper also mentioned that he had been preparing mentally for the leadership role and wasn’t much pressured by the occasion. He added that one game could turn around their losing streak in IPL 2022.

“I have been preparing for captaincy since I was told me a few months ago. Mentally I was ready to lead, I didn’t have any pressure on me, backed my instincts, just thinking and whatever thoughts come in my mind I go for it. In T20 cricket, only one match is required to gain momentum and then the winning streak begins.

“We are searching for that one win. Once that comes, everyone is experienced in the team and knows their roles. We are just working hard to get in the rhythm and waiting for our plans to click,” he added.

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