A Kiwi website shows Kohli in bad light. Fans are raging mad!

A Kiwi website shows Kohli in bad light. Fans are raging mad! A Kiwi website shows Kohli in bad light. Fans are raging mad!

India lost to New Zealand in the World Test Championship final. However, Indian fans were also happy with the Kiwi's victory in the match. Our fans enjoyed their success in the wake of the kiwi team winning the ICC Trophy for the first time and for being recognized as a gentleman's team compared to the others. Team India players congratulated the New Zealand players sincerely after the match ended. However, a New Zealand website has shown Indian captain Kohli in bad light. The website published a photo which was in an objectionable manner.


The photo was quite insulting as it featured a woman who had strap around a man’s neck. The website compared the woman to Kyle Jameson and the man to Virat Kohli. The picture was highly suggestive as Virat Kohli was bowled by Jemison in two innings. Indian fans are subsequently fuming over the post.

It is definitely not in good taste to insult a batsman like Virat Kohli. If this photo goes viral in India, the website would receive a strong warning and receive huge backlash from Indian fans. And some other fans said “We thought New Zealand is always polite whether on the playground or otherwise, but with this action they have devalued themselves.” Some fans counter attacked saying that by comparing Kyle Jemison to a woman, they have degraded themselves.

Indian fans are currently attacking the New Zealand’s website aggressively on social media. They are reminding New Zealanders that Indians respect the Kiwi players in the IPL. However, it’s important for everyone respect others feelings. Furthermore, Indian fans in unequivocal terms put it across that New Zealanders need to see their captain and learn how dignified one should be at all occasions.