Travel for free anywhere in this country.

Travel for free anywhere in this country. Travel for free anywhere in this country.

For economic stability of any country, financial profits from the transport department are critical. Can any country afford its transport department to run its vehicles free of cost? Well, one country is about to bring about this exact change. The reason behind is to reduce the traffic on roads. However, what boggles the mind is how could free rides reduce traffic on roads? On the contrary, wouldn’t there be an increase in traffic? Read on to find out.

Luxembourg, a European country, is attracting the world’s attention by implementing “Free transport”. The transport authorities believe that the cause for the increase in traffic is because people are not utilizing public transport anymore. According to a study, it is estimated that only 32 % use buses and only 19 % use trains. The rest are all using their personal vehicles, which is adding to the increase in traffic chaos. The free transport will encourage citizens to use public transport, thus reducing the traffic congestion of personal vehicles.

Luxembourg doesn’t just run buses and trains but also runs trams. Trams are vehicles that run on tracks which run through the middle of the roads. The transport authorities of Luxembourg are of the opinion that If citizens use the public transport, they could easily save up to 100 Euros (Approximately Rs.8000) per month.

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