Pawan Kalyan’s simple lifestyle

Pawan Kalyan’s simple lifestyle Pawan Kalyan’s simple lifestyle

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, President of the party Jana Sena is in the news for his latest spiritual trip to Haridwar. The Jana Sena chief had visited the Matrisadan Ashram in Haridwar who pictures were instantly doing the rounds on the internet.

What people noticed in the pictures on the internet of Powerstar’s trip to Haridwar was the simplicity. The Jana Sena chief took accommodation in a normal ashram with the less than basic amenities. He dined with the people of the ashram on the floor seated on a mat, walked bare foot to witness the Ganga Aarthi also taking part in the Ganga Aarthi at the Matha temple with no fuss whatsoever.

As Pawan Kalyan performed special rituals at the temple, he was also accompanied by Indian water conservationist Rajendra Singh and Ganges river restoration leader Ramesh Sharma whom he met to support the cause of cleaning the river Ganga.

The Jana Sena chief who is one of the top actors and now an actor turned politician who is loved by his fans is setting the perfect example of leading a life of simplicity, making a difference!. A rarity in the world of celebrities and their lavish lives.

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