Miss Universe Singapore-2021 is a Telugu girl.

Miss Universe Singapore-2021 is a Telugu girl. Miss Universe Singapore-2021 is a Telugu girl.

Another Telugu woman had earned a name for herself in a beauty pageant. Andhra Pradesh native Nandita Banna was crowned Miss Universe Singapore-2021. She came out on top in a beauty competition hosted at Singapore's National Museum.

Nandita announced shortly after winning the title that she intended to use the opportunity to address social concerns in Singapore, such as racism. Twenty-five years ago, Nandita's family moved to Singapore from India.

Nandita is a 21-year-old Singapore Management University student studying Business Management and Information Systems (business analytics). She also enjoys acquiring new abilities, such as coding, which she is currently mastering. Her interests range from ice skating to cooking to dance.

She was selected as the winner of among the contest's eight finalists. The Madhuri and Govardhan families of Srikakulam are the ones who raised her. In December, Miss Universe will be held in Eilat, Israel, and she'll be there to represent Singapore.

Nandita mentors elementary school kids at Care Corner Singapore, where she teaches them valuable life skills.

She's also a part-time model. An advertisement for the Singapore Housing and Development Board featured her last year. She walked the runway for Louis Vuitton Women's Spring Summer 2021 collection in Singapore's Art-Science Museum in March of this year.

Vogue Singapore's December/January 2021 edition had an interview with her.

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