The largest selling phone in the world is this!

The largest selling phone in the world is this! The largest selling phone in the world is this!

It’s impossible to live without a mobile phone in these technology-driven world. In order to cater to growing markets, there are thousands of mobile companies that mushroomed within a short span of time. However, among numerous different companies fighting for the market share, only a few have caught the attention of customers. Do you know what these companies are?!

Different mobiles with Apple Mac OS, Android, Sailfish OS, PostmarketOS are currently available in the market. In all these, the mobiles with two OS are hugely active in the market. These are Apple & Android phones. If one takes into account mostly used phone in the world, it is none other than Apple Phone XR. This is according to the techie research. But when it comes to using Android phones, it is believed that there’s absolutely no competition to Samsung.

Samsung’s exclusively designed phone “Galaxy A10” is believed to be the largest selling android phone in the world. This mobile, which is costing merely Rs.7, 999, occupying the first place, is truly a wonder. Accordingly, taking the second place is Galaxy A 50, which is again a Samsung phone costing Rs. 16,000 only.

The other mobile phones which are stopping Samsung from completely taking over are OppoA9 and OppoS5 which stood at 3rd and 4th positions respectively. However, the following position is again occupied by Samsung. Galaxy A20, which is again from the stable of Samsung, has occupied the 5th position as one among the largest selling android phones.