Is drinking coffee good for health?!

 Is drinking coffee good for health?! Is drinking coffee good for health?!

The day doesn’t just began for many without a sip of their favorite morning coffee. These people might even forego eating breakfast or morning snacks, but just can’t do without coffee. However, a few across the world believe coffee is potentially harmful. The doubts surrounding these are: If you drink coffee you can’t get sleep, children won’t grow tall, pregnant women would develop complications …are few of them. But are all these true?! How many cups should one drink? How much is too much? Let’s find out.  

According to International Coffee Organization, coffee lovers across the world drink about 1.4 billion cups of coffee. Taking these and other facts, nutritionists are dispelling doubts regarding coffee and advising how much coffee one should take.  First, let’s look at some facts about coffee. There are more calories in Coffee. This is both true and false. Because it all depends on how one takes Coffee. If one takes black coffee, there’s only 2% fat in it. But, if one adds cream, milk and other syrups, the coffee would add fat to the body.

The caffeine in coffee is used in many medicines as pain relief. Yes, this is true! The human body handles caffeine quite well when it is presented in limited portions.  That’s the reason why one should not drink four to five cups of coffee, but only one cup in the morning and one in the evening. What’s surprising is that if one drinks only two cups every day, one can even avoid serious liver problems. The antioxidants in the coffee can also alleviate many problems.

By taking two cups of coffee, one releases neurochemicals like dopamine and adenosine in the brain. This will trigger the brain to activate better, but remember this lasts only for a short duration. What one can conclusively say about coffee is that it works better only if you limit it to two cups. So let’s listen to the nutritionists and follow their advice! Let’s drink less, stay sharp.

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